Regardless of their current situation, we thought that the seizure of Megaupload’s domain was the perfect opportunity to give you a taster of our blocking detection mechanism. It will be introduced this coming week, along with a new server to meet the needs of American and Canadian users.

By the end of next week, all current blocked domains, and every domain seized in the future, will display this error message. It is then up to the Webmaster of that particular domain to decide whether to get in contact with us.

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  • User

    So maybe this works for the recently blocked

    • BlockAid DNS

      It won’t work for that unfortunately. are filtering IP’s at their end and that is something that DNS cannot fix.

      It can be circumvented by using a proxy or VPN though. If you’re looking for a decent VPN, have a look at or (through our DNS).

  • Frank
    • BlockAid DNS

      Yes OpenNIC is another alternate root, but it will not help you overcome domain seizure.